Chadras: The "Stone Fire" (World of Wallfir)

Chadras are dark stones with a translucent, bluish appearance, extremely polished and bearing an inscription in ancient Mor’anskrit. When wrapped around an ignition strip, they spontaneously combust, producing an extremely bright fire that consumes the stone very slowly.


Luigi Alquimista

3/13/20244 min read

Chadras - The "Stone Fire"

An idea from my sketchbook for a more refined artwork.
Creation and development of a magical item for my personal project focused on Game Design and the Literary field.

The Chadras are dark stones with a translucent and bluish appearance, extremely polished and bearing an inscription in ancient Mor'anscript. When wrapped in an "ignition band," it undergo spontaneous combustion, producing an extremely bright fire that consumes the stone very slowly.

Year: 2024

An original by Luigi Alquimista

Personal project: The Eternal Flame

History and Illustrations: Luigi Alquimista

Chadras are not flammable by any simple ignition and require knowledge to be activated. They can shine for weeks uninterrupted and, when used correctly, are safe sources of lighting and energy.

The Chadras and the project they are involved in are still in development, and below you can check out some of the stages and tests already conducted so far!

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The first version of Chadras came to mind while I was waiting in a doctor's office waiting room. At that moment, I grabbed my sketchbook and began doodling what this object would look like if it really existed.

The name "Chadra" comes from the simple combination of the words "Flame" and "Stone" in portuguese ("Chama" and "Pedra", respectively) and the idea for this object arose as I envisioned a character fleeing from a battle and hiding within a dark hole beneath the roots of an ancient tree, where he found the entrance to ancient ruins.

The idea that emerged is that Chadras are common objects within this universe, akin to a sort of lighter or lantern, but adapted to the lore of the Wallfir universe.

The appearance and function of Chadras are quite simple: It is a smooth, cold, dark stone with a bluish and translucent aspect, containing a nail driven into one end and an inscription in Mor'an script (the ancient script developed by Mor'Om, the Magnanimous) indicating the word "Fire" (similar to the concept of ancient runes). When wrapped in a band containing the inscriptions "above and below" (in Mor'an script), it spontaneously ignites, producing a magical flame that does not burn if quickly held.

To hold the Chadra for a longer period, a special glove is necessary, or it can be hung on a chain to be used as a lantern.

Chadras are easy to use but difficult to produce, as the material they are made of is as rigid as diamond and can only be consumed by the fire it produces itself. The way they are embedded and the correct materials used to produce the "ignition bands" are secrets kept by the masters of Azularia, the homeland of the raw material.

The Tale of Chadras

"In the current empire of Pylaris, during the Beast War, a large dark and flaming rock descended from the skies alongside three envoys (Auriel, the burning justice; Meroc, the enigmatic; and Jureb, the smiley). The impact of the rock gave birth to what is now known as Mount Anil.

The three envoys of the Eternal Flame revealed to the children of the earth how to utilize the fragments of the great stone to generate a kind of extremely bright flame, yet one that did not harm in the same way as common fire, as long as it was generated correctly.

Years later, a major exploration of the material began in the region, and as a consequence of mining, small camps on Mount Anil merged to form the reign of Olão, which later transformed into the present-day city of Azularia.

With the strong commerce generated by the "Stone Fire," the city of King Olão grew and prospered. His son Jadelão, the Indigo Mage, sealed the secret of Chadras production within the Monastery of Fire (the heart of Azularia), ensuring the monopoly of the trade of "stone fire" in the hands of the lords of Azularian pyromancy.

Currently, Azularia remains a pyromantic power and produces practically all the Chadras sold in Pylaris. A few monks and mages living outside of Azularia know the secrets of Chadras production, but without the raw material (fragments taken from Mount Anil), they cannot make them."

The Chadras, the World of Wallfir, and the Eternal Flame story continues to unfold!
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