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Luigi Alquimista,

8/4/20233 min read


Planning and creation of a mind map developed for a sports betting arbitration platform based on a Ninja theme, as well as the concept and illustrations of a character representing the evolution of the student of the method throughout the course.

N1nja Bet is a system developed in the form of a course, with content that guides the student from basic to advanced within the universe of sports betting, offering lessons, arbitration suggestions, and other tools such as extensions and calculators for this purpose.

Client: N1nja.Bet

Planning: Davi Rangel

Concept Arts: Luigi Alquimista

Illustrations: Luigi Alquimista

Year: 2023

Challenge: The creation of a mind map aimed at tracking a student's progress during the course, incorporating a playful approach that engagingly illustrates their evolution as they expand their knowledge. The proposal focuses on integrating ninja and medieval thematic elements, also developing a character that represents the student in their development through distinct characteristics and specific equipment.  

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References - Development of the mind map

Initial planning - Mind map

Initial Execution Tests - "Level 1" of the Map

Adopted base model - Test Palette 1

Versions of the map - Color and title testing

Alternative end - Map to unfold

Initial Creation - Base Version of the Ninja

Initial Creation - First Test Versions: Beginner Ninja, Intermediate Ninja, and Advanced Ninja

Initial Creation - Revised Version

Beginner Ninja - Final Version

Beginner Ninja - Final Colored Version

Initial Creation - Revised Version

Intermediate Ninja
Final version

Intermediate Ninja - Final Colored Version

Initial Creation - Revised Version

Advanced Ninja
Final version

Advanced Ninja - Final Colored Version

Initial Creation - Base Version of the Ninja

Intermediate Ninja - Final Version

Advanced Ninja - Final Version