Origem Energia

Ilustrations made for Origem Energia. Creation of animation for an institutional Children's Day video presented to employees and partners.


Luigi Alquimista, AGPNT

10/12/20233 min read

The Regional Energy

Creation and planning of illustrations for animation for a special institutional video for Children's Day

Origem is an energy integration company, operating in the upstream, midstream, and power generation segments.

Client: Origem Energia

Agency: AGPNT - Audiovisual

Creative Direction: Ari Versiani

Storyboard and illustration: Luigi Alquimista

Animation and audiovisual editing: Vinicius Costa

Year: 2023

Challlenge: Creating an institutional video for Children's Day that emotionally showcases the strength of the people of Alagoas and how great Brazilian icons grew up and changed the lives of so many people through the energy that traversed different generations, preserved through determination and opportunities given.

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