DIgital Paintings (english version)

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Luigi Alquimista

3/11/20241 min read

Digital Paintings

Creation of original artwork commissioned by different clients simulating different traditional painting styles

Client: Fábio Parada

Genre/Technique: Digital painting (simulation of oil on canvas)

Description: Art order representing a portrait of a family member with the pet in her arms. Original creation using references from the person's face and the animal, in a pose created by the artist.

Intention/Objective: Birthday gift

Year: 2023

Softwares used:

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Client: Binswanger Brazil

Genre/Technique: Digital painting (gouache simulation)

Description: After the Binswanger Brazil company's Halloween celebration, the three winners of the costume contest received a personalized art representing them and their characterizations as a prize. The fantasy was about WIB (Women In Black) which gave rise to the pun "Women In Binswanger".

Intention/Objective: Competition prize

Year: 2023

Softwares used:

Client: Paulo Eduardo Barros

Genre/Technique: Photobashing with digital painting

Description: Art commission with psychedelic elements for the cover of a musical album, to be released on digital platforms, representing the singer on a night beach.

Intention/Objective: Musical album cover

Year: 2024

Softwares used:

Client: Mileny Alvanoz Kafer

Genre/Technique: Stylized digital painting (caricature without exaggeration)

Description: Art developed for tattoo professionals to be used as stickers and other physical media (printing), as well as for digital advertising (social media).

Intention/Objective: Stickers e social medias

Year: 2023

Softwares used:

Client: Luiz Augusto

Genre/Technique: Pintura digital (simulação de óleo sobre tela)

Description: Portrait of the customer with his two pets wearing his favorite comfortable clothes on a golden throne similar to the one used by the character Cuzco from the animation "The Emperor's New Groove".

Intention/Objective: Printing and framing

Year: 2024

Softwares used:

Client: Gabriel Antônio

Genre/Technique: Anime / Comics / Digital painting (simulation of oil on canvas)

Description: Banner for YouTube depicting the client's original character (yellow shirt) fighting together with his favorite characters from different media (Steve, Levi, Luffy, Satoro Gojo and Spider-Man) against the specter of "demonetization" of channels (enlarge the image to display).

Intention/Objective: Social Media (YouTube banner)

Year: 2024

Softwares used: